Monday, July 23, 2012

Instagram Challenge: Photo a Day July 20- 23

Yep.... I kinda fell behind. Our internet connection hasn't been great to say the least, so I haven't really been online much.... so I didn't post my Photo A Day's since last Thursday! OOPS!!! Here's a catch up!

20. Eyes: Take a photo of eyes, on you, someone else, a pet or even a toy.

{eye} This filter really highlights the green!

21. 9 o’clock: Take a photo of what ever you’re doing at 9am or 9pm. Your choice. 

(Didn't realize I could do 9pm till too late...)


22. Upside down: Take a different look at the world. Take a photo upside-down or of something upside-down

Silly Cilla is {Upside Down}

23. Mirror: Take a photo of a mirror, or or your reflection in the mirror.

Bathroom {mirror},


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